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The Internationaux de Strasbourg, the 1st eco-friendly event in France participe to eco-friendly each day ! A lot of actions was take in place by the organisation: 

new balls opération: 

The traditionnal recycling operation of balls (New balls operation) held a new time his promises. More of 160 people participe to this actions for 2 050 pike up balls

recycling of plastic plugs:

A collaboration with the association Bouchons d'Amour take place a new time to recolte the plastic plugs of the IS and we recolt a lot of plugs a new time in 2019


A major event like the Internationaux de Strasbourg could not pass by the wealth of the strasbourg capacity transport : bike, tram, train, bus, etc. 

Like each year, the #IS18 take place a important numbre of action to limit at the maximum the carbone impact of the event. 

TRAM : If you come in tram, you enjoy of the promotionnal code for have the free round trip. 

BIKE : If you come in bike, you can enjoy of the bike park in front of the enter of the tournament.

TER / TGV / TRAIN : If you come in train with the SNCF company, you can use a promotionnal code to benefit of reductions on the ticketing website.

If you use your car & if you are 3 or more in, you can use the free P2 Parking.

recycling of bio-waste: 

Very important point with the big numbre of the meals served all long week, during 9 days.

Historic point

2015 : 3 days for 80 kgs recycling

2016 : 2 days for 120 kgs recycling

In 2017, the goal was fixed to develop again and again this engagment. The recycled food is transported to the restaurant La Fringale with the association Les restos du Coeur

20176 days for 305 kg of recycled food for equivalent of 400 meal, 170kg of Greenhouse Gaz and equivalent of one round trip Paris/Marseille.

2018 : 6 days for  kg of recycled food for equivalent of 360 meal, 180kg of Greenhouse Gaz and equivalent of one round trip Paris/Lyon.

2019 : 6 days for  kg of recycled food for equivalent of 160 meal, 100kg of Greenhouse Gaz.


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