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What's new in the #IS19

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What's new in the #IS19

This year again, we will be offering you many new features, especially on the facilities of the Internationaux de Strasbourg. 


Perhaps the most important change this year, the Internationaux de Strasbourg offers you three match courts and several training courts as it does every year. This year, courts 1 and 2 are relocated, each with a stand that can welcome you in the best conditions. They are now located behind the central square of the tournament, not far from the general public catering area. 

The former courts n°1 and n°2 are still in place, but this year to host the training sessions of the greatest players. They will also be accessible to welcome you. 

The fan zone, located on one of the courts of the Strasbourg Tennis Club for several years now, will be installed this year on two courts, located behind the paddle courts. 

A super sunday

Change of program for 2019. Instead of starting on the traditional first Friday, the tournament will start this year on Saturday (May 18, 2019). The first round of qualifying will take place on Saturday and the second round will take place on Sunday, May 19, at the same time as the first round of the final draw. Therefore, a super sunday will be held on Family Day. On the programme: matches throughout the day and a giant treasure hunt for young and old by sailing from stand to stand. 


ROAD TO roland garros

"Rendez-vous à Roland Garros" area will be set up on the first weekend of the tournament, Sunday, May 19, 2019. The objective: to bring together all the spectators of theInternationaux de Strasbourg around tennis, and more particularly around one of the biggest tennis tournaments in the world: Roland Garros. On the agenda: an immersive and experimental space in the alley of the tournament partners.


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